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We had popcorn in 3600 BC?


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We had popcorn in 3600 BC?

Thi N. | Jul 30, 2002 09:05 PM

Found via memepool: Culinary History Timeline. See link below for the full thing.

Some favorites:

Honey: 5500 BC
Soybeans: 2838 BC
Bananas: 327 BC
French Toast: 1st centry AD
Strawberries: 1st century AD
Kale: 1st century AD
Sushi: 1st century AD
Cod: 9th century AD
Chicken-fried steak: 1824
Margarine: 1870
Ice cream sodas: 1874
pizza as we know it: 1889
SPAM & Krispy Kreme: 1937
ranch dressing: 1954



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