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Can " Poor People" eat healthy ?


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Can " Poor People" eat healthy ?

scunge | Jan 10, 2013 03:48 AM

I was watching a panel of so called " Food Experts " with one remarking that the poor can't afford to eat healthy . She insinuated that the only options are fast foods with the deals ,coupons etc. I disagree . Coming from a poor working class background we ate good and healthy .With a plentiful variety of legumes,fresh green vegetables ,tomato's ,peppers ,pasta grains and olive oil. All mentioned are still available . In the chain supermarkets almost everywhere .The variety of beans and greens are expanding so that items such as boc choy ,fava beans ,and arrugala can be purchased in one store. Bye the way peasant foods are now called health food.Healthy soups can be made on the cheap at home anyway what say you ???

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