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Poor Cast Iron Pans...

roxmic | Dec 18, 2007 09:14 AM

Hello everyone,

I am new to ChowHound. I have been searching all over the web for info about what to do with my cast irons. I have two of them. An 8-inch that has some nasty black flaky deposites all over the inside of the pan and nothing I do seems to take the stuff off, except using something to chip the stuff away. Then, my pride and joy. I have inherited my father's 11 3/4-in pan from the 40's. This poor pan was in a house fire earlier this year and it's the only thing I was able to salvage from the remnants. It's rusted and has a few pits, but I think it'll survive.

Does anyone have an idea what the black stuff is on the 8-inch? And, do you think that sanding, scrubbing, and curing the other will work? I actually had to "flame" it with gasoline (outside of course) and then scrub it like mad to get it clean it due to 50+ years of non-proper cleaning.

Help please!!


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