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Our Policy on Health Code Violation Issues

The Chowhound Team | Mar 19, 200702:25 PM

It's Chowhound's policy to steer clear of health code violation issues. Per our posting policies (see http://www.chowhound.com/topics/36760... ):

Reports of health violations, including food poisoning, bugs and foreign objects found in food are not permitted, as our breezy forum is not an appropriate venue for handling such urgent and serious issues. Please report them to the appropriate health authorities.

Chowhound is a great place to discuss where to find deliciousness, but when it comes to serious issues like health violations (or issues that create health violations), we're not a reliable source for information. We've found that such discussion almost always leads to flame wars, goes virulently off-topic, and is used by trolls intending to smear. And discussion of Health Code violations inevitably leads to speculation and innaccuracy.

Most health departments make it easy to access violation data for a given restaurant, and we're not trying to replicate what they do. Please turn to the proper authorities for appropriate, verifiable health information.

Places actually closed by the board of health create a problem for us. There's clear need for hounds to be informed of restaurants closed for any reason, but discussion following announcements of health dept closings inevitably brings out the aforementioned problems. So it's ok to announce temporary closings, but not discuss or ask about the issues underlying the closing.

As always, if we miss problems (we can't read everything), help us out by using the Flag button next to each posting. Thanks!

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