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Pointless or Silly Kitchen Gadgets - and the Ones That Worked for You. [Moved from General Topics]

mamachef | May 25, 201206:09 AM

I am a victim of the dreaded affliction known as "insomnia," I am quite frequently up at bizzare hours of night, and whereas:
I find it impossible to be awake without turning on one of the dreaded blue-light boxes, I am therefore:
Bombarded by choice with all manner of, IMO, pointless and ridonkeylous kitchen "helpers," to wit:
last night's viewing of a "hot dog slicer." It may or may not have had some sort of catchy name, but what it was, was.....a hot dog slicer. Marvelous little contraption along the lines of an egg slicer, only built to accomodate long cylindrical objects, but not dense stuff like carrots. Ok, I can even get behind an egg-slicer, for consistency in cuts for garnishing, but....hot dogs?
Really? Are hot dogs now such an important plat garni that they must be perfectly sliced? And is it THAT hard to pull out a sharp knife, or a butterknife, for that matter, and just slice happily away?
I think I forgot to mention that one can also use this terrific invention to slice bananas, since perfect, evenly-sliced bananas are paramount to one's enjoyment of his or her breakfast cereal. Oh, and Jello-molds. It's critical that those jelled bananas be perfect. (Again - a knife?)
The salad shooter always annoyed me, but this market-driven POS plastic kitchen necessity downright irritates me, and yep, there's a huge difference. The first, I can still laugh; by the time irritation sets in I'm done laughing. But, the lack of sleep may have to do with that; I'm willing to consider the possibility.
Anyone else seen any incredibly helpful necessary (NOT!) kitchen helpers recently?
Don't get me started on the Pepper Ball. (and no, I did not buy it for myself...)

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