Plastic scent in Wine bottled in glass?


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Plastic scent in Wine bottled in glass?

ivanova | Mar 29, 2011 09:51 AM

Has anyone encountered a wine with a plastic-like scent? I opened a (glass) bottle of 2006 V. Sattui Dry Reisling last night. The wine was a forgotten gift that had been stored in the dark in an air conditioned room, around 76 degrees.

The cork looked real and in good shape but I didn't feel it to know if it was really cork. I took a sniff and it reminded me of water left too long in a plastic sports bottle in a hot car. It didn't taste terrible but I couldn't handle the smell. My husband also agreed it had a plastic-y scent. It didn't remind me at all of the musty cardboard smell of a corked wine.

I have one more bottle of the Reisling and a bottle of Cab. Next time we plan to open them i'll have backups just in case. I'm not too sad about losing the wine but I've never encoutered this before, even in bottles with plastic-like corks.

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