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Planned changes or removal of Hot Posts / Unread Posts

rworange | Oct 18, 201111:08 AM

This post about changing hot posts was buried in a thread about the feature breaking. I believe this is too important of a topic to get lost like that especially since Chow doesn't think it is not useful and outdated. From that post


"I do have to warn you that this is one of those features on the profile page that we are considering changing down the line as we try to clean up the usability on that page. Can you tell me exactly what you are looking for when you go to unread posts and why you are unable to find that in any other way? Or what aspect of unread posts you want to make sure we retain if we do re-organize that page? I ask because if we can figure out a way to take care of your needs with it, we will. We certainly don't want to get rid of useful functionality. But at the same time something as odd as a list of all of the posts users haven't read on a site as large as Chowhound seems more than a little suspicious to some of us who are working to streamline functionality."

Further down from Chow in reply to someone who it seems never uses this feature

":Hi Dave, That is what we were thinking as well. Why would people want to look at the unread page for the entire site? It seems like the type of usability from another era, when the site was much smaller and that would actually mean something"

For those unfamiliar with this feature it is ALL the posts on ALL the boards that you haven't read

It is the reason I fell in love with Chowhound. I discovered topics I might not usually catch on boards I rarely or never frequented. I learned a lot about food and great posters I might not normally catch.

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