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That place is pricey?


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That place is pricey?

jhopp217 | May 25, 2008 08:53 AM

What do CHers think is pricey. Here's the thing. I have friends that say they are going somewhere "pricey" and I laugh. If you don't drink, pretty much only the top notch places are pricey. I'm not a dessert freak, so if I wanted to I could go to anywhere that is considered expensive and if I chose to only drink water, I could have an app and an entree for under $ that pricey? I don't think so. I spend that on my bar tab usually when I go out.

I go to a nice steakhouse with a large group (8-12) every year, we usually have a martini before dinner, and then split a couple of bottles of wine and have a few beers with dinner. We order a few apps and sides with out steaks and we all usually get after dinner drinks and split a few desserts. It comes out to around $130-150 a person. Now I can't afford to do this once a week, but I don't view it as expensive. The last time we went out, I had sauteed shrimp, fried calamari, mussels fra diavolo, and clams oreganato for an appetizer, had two martinis and about 4 glasses of wine, had a salad, and a center cut filet mignon with bleu cheese and frizzled onions, for sides we split creamed spinach, sweet potato fries, and asparagus. Had a glass of port to end the meal and tasted someone's and tasted someone's pecan pie. The bill came to $125 per person w/ tip. To me that is not an expensive night out for what you are getting.

But I do think spending $25-30 for a pasta dish is ridiculous, especially when it's not loaded with 5 varieties of shellfish. To me that is expensive.

My question is do people take into account what they are eating when they say something is pricey? I think if you pay anything for something you could easily replicate at home, you are paying too much. Any thoughts?

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