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Need Pizza Dough Help (was Pizza Stone)

Joan | Jan 29, 2003 10:05 AM

Please. Talk to me about the dough. I've tried Cooks Illustrated, Julia, Marcella Hazan, Alton Brown. Patricia Wells's recipe is doing a slow rise in the fridge as I type. I've tried food processor, stand mixer, and hand kneading. I've tried three-hour and overnight rises. I've tried rolling, stretching, tossing. And I still haven't found the right combo.

So far I've preferred bread flour recipes to all-purpose ones. But I find it sooooo hard to get an acceptable shape and an even crust. It often has big blisters. Or it's thin, thin in the center and fat, puffy on the edges. Or it rips when I try to stretch it. Rolling the dough gets me closer to the right shape, but seems to take the chewiness out of the crust--a quality I definitely want.

I know. Let it relax. And that does help somewhat. (Although it frustrates me to have to go through two 10- to 15-minute relaxtion periods while my guests are waiting for a tasty tidbit with their drinks.)

So many posters seem to have nailed this one. I want to be among you. Could you please help me out here. TIA.

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