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Help with Pizza Dough,


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Help with Pizza Dough,

ciaolette | Apr 2, 2004 10:25 AM

I do not have a stand mixer/kitchenaid . I have an aging cuisinart (going on 25 yrs old) And I am completely unskilled at the handwork/feel of kneading, have never had much success with breads. Can anyone give me a walkthrough technique for pizza dough that would include how long to pulse it in the cuisinart, and how to know when it is kneaded enough. I tried Alton Browns recipe, but didnt get the "windowpane" part??
Adding insult to injury , I would also like to try making it with wholegrain flour, at least 50/50.
I found a lovely square pizza stone that fits my oven floor perfectly,on sale yesterday and it has inspired me! I plan to let the stone live in the oven full time. I am looking forward to pizzas and nans, and I have heard that it is also great for cooking slow cooked braises putting the casserole/braiser directly onto the stone.....any advice on pizza stone use would be great too....thanks

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