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Pinot Noir recs

ItalianNana | Mar 17, 2013 12:07 PM

I can contribute very little to this board, but I have a question. In the last few years I have enjoyed some Pinot Noirs very much. I don't know the proper language to describe what I like, but I'd say it's similar to what I love about some Bourbon's "smooth." Acting on the assumption that you get what you pay for has not been very successful. A couple of years ago I had a bottle of Rex Goliath that was great. It's inexpensive and I thought I had found a treasure. When I tried the 2012 vintage I was disappointed and so randomly purchased a couple of bottles based on the sophisticated criteria of cool looking labels. I think there was a decent though forgettable $20.00 one but the $30.00 one was not to my liking. I'd like to try a few in modest to moderate price catagory, but if someone has a favorite I'd appreciate your advice.

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