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Pickling - Recipe says "put in fridge" - with proper technic can it be stored out of it?

ylsf | Oct 11, 2011 08:54 AM

I followed this recipe to pickle some green tomatoes last night:

The only difference is that I sanitized the jars in a hot/boiling water bath before use. The thing is I didn't have the right pot with me so I wasn't able to heat treat all of the jars afterwards (I had some smaller jars that could fit in and have an inch of water over top so I heat treated those). This morning after cooling down I took of the rings and tried lifting the jars from the seal and the seals did not budge. They are all good seals. I retightened the rings on them.

So, my question is, the recipe says to put in the fridge for 3 months. Is that because they didn't explain the sanitization /sterilization step? Based on what I did above, and based on good seals is it safe to store outside of the fridge? Or, does this have more to do with the acid level and would green tomatoes have lower acid than normal tomatoes?

I also made green tomato jam separately but heat treated all of those.

I have only ever made one jam before and never pickled anything so I am just learning the ins and outs right now. I went to a demo where they made chow chow which also uses green tomatoes and the ladies running it said it was good to keep in the cupboard but just looking for opinions on what is the best way to handle things.

I could still heat treat the larger jars this afternoon if that is an option/helps but as I said, it seems like they have good seals based on inspection/test.

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