Not About Food 409

Phrases You Don't Hear Anymore

al b. darned | Aug 17, 201508:57 AM

When I was growing up, when I'd get caught trying to "put one over" on my mother she would often point out that she, "didn't just arrive on the last load of cabbage" or that she, "wasn't born yesterday."

Also, when describing someone's intelligence, or lack thereof, she would liken them to, "The part of the chicken that goes under the fence last."

I'm not sure if people, "Beat around the bush" anymore, but they sure did in the 60s.

And somebody or something that had expired was, "Dead is a doornail."

I seldom hear these phrases anymore.

So, what (clean) phrases that used to be common in your surroundings seem to have been forgotten by succeeding generations?

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