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PGH Free Range Whole Chicken: Sources? Don't like some "supermarket" birds anymore :(


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PGH Free Range Whole Chicken: Sources? Don't like some "supermarket" birds anymore :(

DukeOfSuffolk | Apr 20, 2010 10:05 PM

I've started to buy roast chicken weekly (3-5lb). One usually lasts me the whole week, I usually butcher one and cook the dark meat first then save and cook the raw white meat daily.


I never was one to buy "organic" or "free range" chicken, even though I already knew that I preferred free range grain fed chicken eggs. Once at whole foods I saw their chicken on sale for 1.69/lb so I bought one. I decided that this was a good idea so I started buying whole chickens more. One time I was in G.Eagle looking to buy some steak (I try to get NY Strip or Ribeyes there when on sale) and I saw G.Eagle chickens for .89 cents a pound or less. I bought one, cooked it, and was rather disappointed. Same method as before but where was the taste? I've since tried another GEagle chicken with the same result. I reckon I could brine it and get a better result, but I'm a student, I don't want to go through that. I was now a "convert" - and believe me, I am not one that would just pretend that the free range sometimes air-chilled birds are better...I genuinely wish it weren't the case so I could save my cash!

Anyway, I was wondering where people here in Pittsburgh usually got theirs. I got "lucky" last week and scored a Bell and Evans bird at GEagle for 1.99/lb. It was/is yummy. I don't really want to pay more than 1.99/lb. I've yet to try the "natures basket" line at G.Eagle, nor have I tried any of the local co-op's. I think I'll probably try one of those or a farmers market next weekend if I get the time.

So..where to you get your free range/grain fed/airchilled/whatever chickens, how much do you pay, do you think I'm crazy for not just getting the .69-.89 cent/lb generic chickens? Also, has anyone tried the natures basket birds at GEagle? Thoughts? lol

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