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Pet Peeve – Peculiar (IMHO) Requests on Chowhound


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Pet Peeve – Peculiar (IMHO) Requests on Chowhound

Chinon00 | Oct 4, 2007 05:16 AM

“I’m vacationing with my family in Emilia-Romagna, Italy and we would love some killer Thai. Any suggestions?”


“Will be in Lyon, France next month. Where can I get great fish and chips?”


“Will I be able to get any Japanese beer when I'm in Germany?”

As a person who loves both food and travel I find these kinds of questions on chowhound bothersome. Now I can understand if you grew up in say Texas eating fantastic bbq and were RELOCATED to another place (not renowned for their bbq) and requested bbq suggestions to settle your craving. But if you are somewhere for a short period of time for work or vacation why not eat what they do best WHERE YOU ARE? Isn’t that the point of being a chow or foodie; to get the "best" chow?

Off of my soapbox

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