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pergamont preserves and goat butter


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pergamont preserves and goat butter

Ruth Lafler | Sep 2, 2003 01:03 PM

No, not together!

But I've bought both recently and have some questions and comments.

First -- am I correct in assuming that "pergamont" is just a variation on "bergamot" (a variety of citrus)? I bought these perserves in a Persian market as part of my ongoing experimentation with things to add to my plain yogurt. The ingredients are water, sugar, pergamont, rose water, cardamom seed (and citric acid as a preservative). Yummy! Excellent with yogurt! But I was expecting something more like marmelade, and this had larger chunks of "pergamont" -- so what exactly is this?

Second, I bought some butter made with goat's milk (imported from Quebec) recently. It's really interesting -- it has a somewhat different texture (sort of fluffier) and seems to have a much lower melting point. The flavor is slightly tangier than cow's milk butter, but also seems lighter and more delicate -- perhaps because the less waxy texture means it dissipates faster on the tongue. It was horrifically expensive ($7 for 250 grams), so I won't be buying it regularly, but it certainly was worth buying to experience. Does anyone know any more about goat butter?

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