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The ‘Perfect’ Fish Taco and Where I’ve Found It


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The ‘Perfect’ Fish Taco and Where I’ve Found It

opinionatedchef | Oct 29, 2012 02:12 PM

Probably because I’m late to the game/ a recent convert (4 yrs maybe; before that i thought ‘ugh’...NOT!) I’m wicked demanding of my makes-me-happy-fish taco.
Some of you have read my related posts, but there are many new CHs around, incl. visitors,
and I wanted to share with them. And since i just finished a wonderful lunch of same, I thought
I’d finally try to codify my experience.

These are my requirements for a great fish taco:
- Haddock or Cod or Skate but NOT flavorless/off-tasting Tilapia;
a good size piece (1 1/2-2 ou. is great)
--Fish lightly Battered and lightly Fried, not in a heavy cornmeal crust that masks the delicate flavor and silky texture of the fish. and not grilled naked. and not dry/overfried.
-- Corn tortilla, single for proper flavor balance- but i’m happy to remove one if i’m given two.
-- Chipotle mayo or chipotle sour cream (not tartar sauce of any version)
-- Lime wedges
-- Cilantro

Shredded cabbage is fine but not required. Same with crema, avocado or guac.

So, I’ve codified the model, now where do I find it?
Well, so far, in just one place>> La Verdad Taqueria (the cafe/takeout part w/ 2 tables; not the restnt-which seems to have garnered a number of unhappy CH posts in the past.) And what else have I found as meal addendum?>> The refried beans, quac, corn w/ queso fresca . And the carne asada, pork belly or chiles rellenos- tacos and tortas . But i don’t recommend the other fillings myself. Ymmv of course. (p.s. Whenever we go there, we go at off hours so we can easily street park.)

I would love, of course, to find my ideal fish tacos in more places. Have you seen them elsewhere? I feel like i’ve tried so many other, lesser, versions- El Pelon, East Coast Grill, Dorita.... I do keep trying them all over New Eng.,but so far to no avail. As it is, when we eat at La Verdad, we always get some deconstructed fish tacos as take- out. The fish reheats really well in our toaster oven; i grill the tortillas over a cake rack over a lit burner on my gas stove; the toppings are all there, and voila, i’m in repeat heaven, w/o the drive from the hinterlands. :-}
I hope you have or will try them at La Verdad; and plse tell me if you've seen 'My pretty' s in other Boston/New Eng. restaurants! TIA.

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