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People's weird idea of "dinner"


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People's weird idea of "dinner"

Whosyerkitty | Feb 20, 2009 05:30 PM

So, my daughter and I were asked to a friend's for dinner. I wasn't expecting anything fancy, but I brought a bottle of wine. Lo and behold, she served a family-size frozen entrée, Asian-style orange chicken or something, with some canned Mandarin oranges as like a garnish. It was awful. And there wasn't enough. No appetizer. No salad. No bread.

In addition, while they have a dining room, I was sitting in her living room drinking a glass of aforementioned wine (she didn't plan on a wine with this meal) and she started bringing this stuff out on plates and served it on the coffee table! With one fork per person and no napkins! In fact, her daughter and mine were playing Wii and she brought plates of this 'food' out to them! My daughter looked at me very confused, but I sort of motioned to her to eat. I didn't know what else to do. We're pretty good friends, but I was a bit stunned. It was also planned and not like an impromptu thing. This is a fairly well educated woman with a fairly well equipped kitchen. We have had dinner with them a number of times, and while it's never been great, at least it's been REAL.

I have even been known to serve very casual in the living room, IF it's snacks, pizza delivered or sandwiches and we're watching a movie or a game or presidential candidate debate, with THAT as the focus. But I don't believe I have ever asked someone over for a frozen dinner and I have always made more than enough. Even if it's THAT casual, there's been some organization and set up and SOME kind of starter, even if it's cheese and crackers or guacamole or something.

As it is girl scout cookie season, guess what dessert was? Which was a blessing because everyone was still hungry. The evening itself was nice after that and I of course thanked her and told her everything was great. But MAN was it bizarre.

So, am I overly-sensitive, a snob or what?

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