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Why Do People Take Photos in Restaurants?


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Why Do People Take Photos in Restaurants?

MMRuth | Dec 24, 2009 07:36 AM

I'm not talking about the occasional photo of your friends and family when dining out. I'm talking about sets of photos of decor, each dish eaten, the menu, etc. The reason I wonder is that so many restaurants these days have websites that have enough photos to give one a sense of both the decor and the food. I find it so disruptive to see someone snapping away, even if discretely. To me, it's the same as using a cell phone in a restaurant - an intrusion. I guess I'm particularly thinking of higher end restaurants, but at the end of the day, my philosophy about it is the same.

I want to enjoy the full experience - decor, service, food, without the "interruption". Plus, of course, my husband would be absolutely mortified, even if I did want to do it. I was recently at one restaurant where, at the bottom of the menu, it said "no cellphones and no photographs please", or something to that effect. And, doesn't the restaurant wonder why people are taking photos?

Now, I know I take photos of the food that I make at home, but I take the photos before we sit down to eat, not while we are at the table. I differentiate this from the above paragraph because on the Home Cooking board, we're sharing what we learn from the experience of cooking, and photos are often useful to show the outcome of one's efforts, particularly when it's for the Cookbook of the Month.

So, don't hate me for this query ... I just really don't understand it, though I know lots of 'hounds do this.

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