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Do people really drink a 4-ounce cup of coffee?

Midlife | Apr 25, 201202:23 PM

This has always made me scratch my head.

We've used a Cuisinart coffeemaker for years and years, and almost every time I fill the carafe I ask my self why I'm filling it to FOUR cups to make myself one moderate-sized mug of coffee. Seems as if all coffeemakers share this same measure (at least the ones I've seen).

A "standard" cup of coffee (according to Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tasse_%C... ) is 4 ounces. I get that! BUT................ who drinks that small a cup??? That's just slightly larger than an espresso or demi-tasse cup (which is supposedly 2 to 3 ounces.

So............... why do manufacturers use that small a measure? Just because it's a "recognized" standard? Recognized where and by whom these days?

Not a huge issue, but I AM curious if this bothers other people and what you all think about it. (Obviously a little too much time on my hands this afternoon. ;o])

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