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How much do people associate "Asian food" with spicy? (And other stereotypes about Asian food)

FoodPopulist | Feb 11, 2012 01:55 PM

Kind of inspired by but not directly related to the on-going Asian food drama in topics about of Top Chef season nine.

I'm wondering how much people associate the basic concept of "Asian food" with spicy flavors. Not whether they should or shouldn't, but how often people make that assumption about Asian food in general. Do you know people who have an expectation of heat so that if you took them to some sort of pan-Asian restaurant that Americanized its menu by not serving any spicy dishes (but still serving good food), they would be disappointed? Does your idea of Asian-influenced fusion cuisine usually involve the incorporation of something spicy like wasabi, curry powder, or siracha sauce into a dish?

I'm also interested in what other stereotypes some people have about "Asian food", for better or worse.

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