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Peet's alternative - whole beans for drip coffee


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Peet's alternative - whole beans for drip coffee

Robert Lauriston | Feb 27, 2009 09:57 AM

I use a Solis Maestro burr grinder, a Braun drip coffee maker with a thermos carafe, and Trader Joe's brown paper filters. So I'm picky, but not a fanatic.

For the last few years, I've been using a 50-50 mix of Peet's 101 and Sulawesi-Kalossi, which I arrived at after some years of experimentation.

They recently raised their prices a buck a pound, which I found really annoying given the state of the economy, so I experimented and find I like 101 + Garuda just as well. But that's still $13 a pound, and I'd rather pay less if I can find something I like as well.


I don't care for light roasts. For example, Blue Bottle's darkest is way too light for me.

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