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Pecorino Sardo/"Reggiato" Sardo - another name?

MMRuth | Apr 2, 200801:06 PM

So, last fall I started cooking from a Sardinian cookbook, and went to Arthur Avenue in search of Pecorino Sardo. I came away with the most amazing cheese, which resembled aged Parmigiano Reggiano in color and texture, but almost richer. After very quickly going through a huge chunk of it, I tried to find it at both Murray's and DiPalo - Murray's had nothing by that name, and what I got at DiPalo was a pale comparison. Though, what I got at DiPalo looks a lot like the cheese shown here:


So, today, I finally got back to Mike's on Arthur Avenue where I'd bought this originally, and was helped by the absolutely wonderful older man working there, with the most glorious blue eyes and white hair (http://www.arthuravenue.com/index.jsp - looks like it was Michele Greco, one of the founders). I ordered guanciale, and he started speaking to me in Italian, which is amusing because I don't speak Italian. (He later asked if I was Sicilian, which was also amusing, because my coloring bears little resemblance to that typically associated with Sicilians!) I then ordered the Pecorino Sardo, and he gave me a quizzical look, and said something that I took to mean that Pecorino is not/can't be Sardo, and had me try the Fiore Sardo, which I knew wasn't it. But, I saw a wheel next to it that looked like the cheese I'd had before, and he said, ah, (I think!) "Reggiato Sardo". I tasted, and it certainly is what I had before.

So, I'm hoping someone out there might enlight me further, as googling "Reggiato Sardo" and spelling variations thereof didn't get me anywhere!

Edit - a link to a post w/ photos of the original cheese bought on Arthur Avenue.



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