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Pearl Jade Rice Discovered

Puffin3 | Apr 14, 201507:19 AM    

Our grocery store just starting selling PJR in the bulk section.
Yesterday just for interest sake I bought a small amount to try.
WOW! What an excellent treat!
For those who like that certain flavor the lotus leafs impart to Lo Mai Gai you'll love this rice. Bamboo juice is added to the pearl rice. The health benefits are found on Google.
We are new converts now.
I googled How to cook PJR and found the usual inaccurate info.IMO. All recipes for cooking rice in a rice cooker call for WAY too much water.
I decided to use my one recipe fits all rice types method for my rice cooker.
Arborio/basmati/'sticky'/Jasmine/PJR/plain white rice. Any white rice variety.
Here's my never fail method which worked perfectly with the PJR.
So easy it's laughable:
My old rice cooker has one button. Push it down to start the cooker the light goes red. After the rice is cooked there's a 'click' and the light turns orange. I leave the rice in the cooker to stay warm. But not too long as the rice on the bottom can take on a bit of brown color so removing the rice soon is best.
Put 1 1/3 C of any white rice into the rice cooker. Fill the rice cooker pot with some cold water and give the rice a gentle wash. Carefully pour off the water. Now add 1 C of cold water to the rice in the cooker pot. Nothing else. No salt no nothing. The added moisture from the washing is important I think.
Pot into cooker. Lid on. Push down the button. Light goes red. In a few minutes hear the 'click'. Light now orange.
Remove lid and see light fluffy perfectly cooked rice.
This method worked a charm with the PJR yesterday.

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