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Peanut Butter and. . .

MagnoliaGardens | Mar 11, 2015 12:46 PM

So I'm a nut for peanut butter (see what I did there! jk jk) and I go through a jar per week, the crunchier the better and usually Krema though the occasional Laura Scudder's or MaraNatha. Regardless, aside from eating spoonfuls of it directly out of the jar, I've compiled a list of my favorite 'peanut butter and' combos. I'm curious to hear yours. . .there's gotta be a few more PB freaks out there!!!
*pomegranate seeds
*jelly (of course)
*bread, literally any kind - though english muffin is probably my 'favorite'
I've heard of people using raw onions, sharp cheddar and kimchi though I haven't been intrepid enough (yet) to try. Any input there?

Either way, fellow nuts - have some fun and let me know where your bread is (peanut) buttered.

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