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[PDX] Feijoada (Weekend Special at Butikim)...

extramsg | May 1, 200501:50 AM

This week, Brazil Butikim sent out a notice (see here: http://www.extramsg.com/modules.php?n...) for this weekend's special, feijoada. Well, I couldn't pass that up. There was the added incentive that my wife's brother and his friend, both of whom lived in Brazil for a couple years, would be flying in today. So I picked them up at the airport, went and grabbed some tickets for a show they'd be going to later that night at the Aladdin, and headed out east on Powell.

Dilce was happy that I brought a couple Portuguese speakers with me. They jabbered away, me catching about the 10% similar sounding enough to Spanish. At one point, Dilce sat next to my brother in law explaining, as he occasionally translated and I ate, the history of feijoada and its relation to slavery and how her home, Minas, is the origin of the dish.

The feijoada wasn't quite ready, so we snacked on fried manioc/yucca and linguica. (Got a good picture this time. See the link below.) The yucca was great as always, crisp on the outside, creamy inside, with nicely sauteed slices of sausage, everything sprinkled with grated cheese.

Then we shared a couple pitchers of suco de caju and they brought us out a new item not on the normal menu, pao de queijo, little cheese bread balls. She was very proud of them. The recipe, she said, was her own and she wasn't using a mix. Simple, but enjoyable. Fresh out of the oven.

Then came the crock pots and rice cooker. One held the farofa, a mixture, in this case, of coursely ground manioc flour, onions, and grated carrots. In farofa's case, as opposed to farinha, it really is a side dish, not just a textural accent. Good stuff. Nice texture, good flavor. Another pot had shredded collard greens, which had a nice texture as well, not entirely soft, but easily chewable.

Then the feijoada, a black bean stew with sausage and multiple cuts of pork. It was rich and wonderful. Frankly, it's better than La Villa's simply because of the pork, if nothing else.

They'll be serving up feijoada again tomorrow and I highly recommend it. I'm really hoping this place will survive.

Brazil Butikim
12306 SE Powell Blvd. (Across 122nd Av.)
Portland, OR 97236-3432
Phone: (503)762-9167

Link: http://www.extramsg.com/modules.php?s...

Image: http://www.extramsg.com/albums/album3...

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