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Patrician lunches at plebian prices - list

polishjeweatswonderbread | May 29, 201606:31 PM     19

or, The highest level of Chowfinds.
These places are much better than just good grub at a good price. I would take someone there whom I am trying to impress; they are girlfriend worthy restaurants. The rooms are even nice.

1881 Steeles Ave West
South- east corner Steeles and Dufferin
Monday -Sunday 12-5pm

The best of the Russian patronized restaurants that I have been in. Excellent on an absolute scale.

Flat bread (ask that it be toasted crispy), pickling
Soup- choice of borscht, harcho or the special. Today, lentil, chicken
Choice of chicken kebab, breast or thigh; lulyah kebab (minced lamb-beef)
Choice of a side- salad, (a bore), fried yellow potatoes, sliced thinly, dressed with a bit of garlic and dill (excellent, ask that they be fried crispy); plain white rice (join my campaign for Azeri rice or a mujadderah- request it.)

"Kavkaz" means the Caucasus region of Asia; north of Iran. Georgia, Azerbaijan, Chechnya., Armenia. Uzbekistan is outside, but the Uzbeki restaurants can be lumped in. There are regional and ethnic differences in the cooking, but the restaurants here share many characteristics. Much of the menu is the same, the customers are largely Russian, the wait staff largely Ukranian. Uzbeki, Azeri and Chechnyan restaurants do not serve pork; the countries are Muslim.

Kavkaz(i?) restaurants use herbs, spices and vegetables much more than their Russian customers grew up with. But of course the fact that most of the customers are Russian influences the menu and the cooking. However at restaurant Kavkaz, there are none of the many excesses of Russian cooking. On the contrary. But you still do get a good- sized meal.

The chef - owner of Kavkaz is Azeri. I tried to understand why his cooking is so nice. I asked. No Cordon Bleu nor Inter-continental Hotel training. He is self- taught. He seems to have a generalized refined aesthetic, he had been an art and antiques dealer until the people that he dealt with got on his nerves.


Thai Indeed
3081 Kingston Rd. east of McCowan
(647) 347-4889
Monday to Friday 11am -2:45pm
$8.95 or $9.95. The shrimp dish is $10.95
(647) 347-4889

Bangkok Thai cooking. Refined, balanced, harmonious. The best Thai cooking that I ever have had. It has spoiled me. Only one other place that I know is an alternative.

Choice of Soup or salad
Two veggie rolls
Choice from a long list of mains, plus a side of rice; some changes to the list daily

See prior posts.
Beautiful cooking, but a few things are not to my taste. I can't expect otherwise.
State your heat preference.

Yes, indeed they are Thai. The corrected count of staff is now four, not three, Thai engineers and an accountant. A range of English language ability.

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