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Do Pastry Chefs Live Longer?


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Do Pastry Chefs Live Longer?

Gary Soup | Mar 31, 2006 11:32 AM

While I realize that, from a technical standpoint, Pastry Chefs (or Dessert Chefs) have some of the most difficult skills to master, I often find myself wondering if the job of Pastry Chef/Dessert Chef is one of the more forgiving positions in the kitchen, in terms of patron satisfaction.

I can't count the number of postings I've read that were negative about the meal but ended with "BUT the [Dessert X] was wonderful." On the other hand, hardly ever does someone praise the main meal and apps but criticize the dessert. Are patrons easier to please when it comes to sweets? Do the most cynical foodies love the excuse of eating out to dig into something sweet and gooey that they would shun at home? Does the "guilty pleasure" psychology make the Dessert Chef's job easier? Is this psychology exploited, in terms of levels of sweetness, textures, etc?

Any thoughts on this? I'm not a dessert-eater myelf. so my theory is based on observations alone.


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