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pastrami &corned beef

rick | Jul 14, 200410:02 AM

just for the record,
I Believe that it is purely a myth that non glatt places have better food particularly cb,&pastrami.
the fact is,that places like 2ave deli,bens,bens best,and fine and Schapiro all buy their meats already
pickled & smoked .places like schmulke Bernstiens a"h
and after them Grand Deli a"h ,had far superior meats then the above mentioned places.it so happens that both these places,cured ,pickled, & smoked their own stuff.
the real trick to good past,&cb is in how it is steamed.
steaming the meat makes it tender& soft.
there is another school of thought which katz's deli
[traif as they come]believes in ,that is they only hand carv the meat ,never using a slicer.
places like mendys,essex on coney,and believe it or not [kD] all can give u a very tasty sandwich as well,again ,only when the meat is steamed properly.
by the way those places also buy their meats already
pickled & smoked

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