Which are the best Passover ketchup and mayo?


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Which are the best Passover ketchup and mayo?

helou | Mar 15, 2013 06:56 AM

Let me start by saying that the only year round brands I like are Heinz ketchup and Hellmans mayonnaise.
I'd like to get the Pesach ones that come closest to those.
I've had some in past years that I loathe - ketchup with a strong taste of cloves, mayonnaise that just doesn't taste . . . fresh? Maybe it doesn't have enough lemon? There jsut isn't a lot to choolse from - Glick's, Unger's and Hagefen are generally available, and too me they seem all the same, but maybe some are better than the others.
Generally I like our Pesach foods, mostly because I cook them using fresh ingredients. Spices had been a problem (dark, mahogany colored paprika from the "heimish" brands - ugh) but in recent years Pereg has been available.
So now it's these 2 condiments that are still a problem.

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