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Passover Chicken (yes, again, but hopefully different enough)

Debbie W. | Apr 18, 2005 12:24 AM

I just found out today that my Passover assignment for next Saturday is chicken. My cousin is hosting and having about 28 people (including kids and young teenagers). Cousin is making brisket but also wants chicken.

I'm to bring about 3 chickens worth of chicken parts, about 24 pieces or so. I could do 8 breasts, 8 legs, 8 thighs, or some other combination. Fabricating chicken is not my strong point and these pieces have to look decent, so I'll just buy parts. Maybe just breasts and thighs? Chicken skin is allowed. The chicken itself doesn't have to be kosher but could be.

The thing that worries me the most is that I have to cook it at home, but then it has to be reheated at her house. She lives close, but of course there's a substantial time gap between when it gets there and when it gets served. Plus I'd like to make it earlier in the day if possible, and given my oven size I anticipate needing to do at least two batches. I'm assuming that baking the chicken is the best option, but am open to other methods as long as the cooking is reasonably efficient.

I'd really appreciate ideas on how to pre-cook it and keep it moist so that it's appealing and tasty when it's reheated and served. Ideas for a Passover-acceptable glazes or other seasonings also requested. Many thanks.

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