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Panasonic ice cream maker update-- Watermelon Sorbet!


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Panasonic ice cream maker update-- Watermelon Sorbet!

Mr. Taster | Aug 24, 2005 12:04 PM

Hello 'hounds! (and Carb Lover, who is riveted by my iced dessert endeavors!)

Well I've decided to branch out from my lactose-laden endeavors and make a fresh watermelon sorbet. I made it with Alton Brown's recipe (linked below). In order to get the mix as cold as possible, I put the watermelon in the fridge and the vodka in the freezer (however the mix never got much colder than 46). We don't have a food processor, so I chopped it up and pureed the mixture it in the blender until smooth. When it came out, it tasted like a really refreshing Mexican agua fresca. There was enough for two batches, so that means two opportunities to experiment. Excellent.

The first batch goes in the freezer. About 4 hours later, the ice cream making light is still on. I'm puzzled.... (should only take 2 hours). I finally decide to open the mix and I see the plastic paddle has frozen solid in the mixture. I remove from the bowl and try to chop it up a bit but it is too far gone. It's more like an italian ice at this point. I start again, this time adding (a lot) more vodka to try and raise the freezing point. Now the agua fresca is tasting like a watermelon martini. In to the freezer it goes.... with largely the same results. It didn't freeze solid, and the mixer was able to finish its cycle, however the texture was massively icy and I needed to break it up with a knife in order to store. The flavor, however, was excellent and if you're able to make sorbet successfully I would recommend this recipe.

Any suggestions? I really think the problem must be with my fridge, as other people here seem to be having excellent results with this ice cream maker.

Mr. Taster

Link: http://www.foodnetwork.com/food/recip...

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