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Pan Searing Beef & Finishing in the Oven ???


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Pan Searing Beef & Finishing in the Oven ???

Titus0327 | Jul 26, 2010 03:08 PM

Ive got a few questions regarding searing a piece of beef in a cast iron pan and then finishing it in the oven. Ive tried this a few times, with mixed results. My wife and I like our beef to be rare no matter the cut. Every time I have attempted to pan fry a steak (whether or not Im finishing it in the oven) it has come out too over cooked for our liking.

This is my understanding and thoughts.....

With a thinner steak (maybe like a thin sliced Delmonico) I dont seem to have a problem cooking it to rare, as I toss it in a preheated cast iron skillet for maybe 90 secs on each side, and it comes out just fine for the most part.

Its when I get into the more expensive thicker cuts of meat, that I have a problem. Im guessing it is all about timing, but I just cant get it down.

Another problem Ive had is uneven cooking on the steaks, if I sear on side 1 for 90 secs, turn, and sear side 2 for 90 secs, then toss in the oven to finish, side 2 is always more done, my guess is because the cast iron stays so hot and continues to cook it.

How do I fix that? Sear for less time on side 2? Transfer steak to a cool pan then put in the oven?

Ive also recently watched an episode of Good Eats where AB was cooking a large piece of beef (I dont recall what kind) and he seared it, then let the beef and the pan cool down quite a bit before tossing it in the oven to finish. His logic was that this would stop the outside cooking process, resulting in a piece of meat that has a much larger medium-rare middle than a piece of meat that was seared and then immediately placed in the oven. I guess its hard to explain, but he had nice diagrams and it made sense at the time. Is this true?

I realize Im rambling, but I guess my question/s is/are there any definitive guidelines to pan searing and oven finishing, or stead fast times I can use?

Tired of spending hard earned money on nice cuts of beef only to over-cook them. All suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.

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