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Scargod | Mar 8, 200811:09 AM

Why does the page have to be stuck at 800 pixel width? It would be so easy to allow it to expand to whatever resolution a user chooses. I dislike a THIRD of that 800 pixels being devoted to advertising. Then, everything (related to why we are here in the first place) gets strung down the page. This limited format is my biggest irritation.

Why does the reply window have to be so small?

I have commented elswhere that I dislike the small thumbnails, the limit of four images and all the issues I've had with adding pics.

I would like to have email notification (if I subscribe for it) that tells me if I have replies.
I wish PM was available.

I contribute on this site. I have made an investement in it. I don't get paid for adding content, yet I do feel I benefit from it.
I lstill enjoy using this site and I enjoy the (very distant) relationships that are developing that allow me to know whether I can believe and trust another Chowhound's comments.

I continue to use Chowhound rather than eGullet after making a significant investment there. I feel eGullet has not paid off because of lack of activity in "New England". At Chowhound, my region is very active.
Your site could be a lot better. I want it to be! I think you, too want everyone to have a satisfying experience here, and stay here.

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