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Oysters full of poop?

Ginny | Nov 19, 200408:55 AM

Forgive the first grade headline, but I don't know the technical word for it. I bought 2 dozen "extra extra premium chesapeake oysters" out of the shell from Wegmans for oyster stew last night.

Once everything was together, I detected a strange smell - not spoilage, something else. I tried an oyster to see if it was done and it didn't taste right. So I cut one open and it was literally FULL of poop. FULL. I fished out 3 three more. ALL full of poop.

Now, I mostly eat them raw, and I can never in my life remember seeing SO much waste. Am I in denial? Is this normal? I want to call Wegmans, because they are really good about this sort of thing, but I want to know if this is normal or excessive.


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