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Oyster Crackers...(Yes, revisited)

crt | Jan 26, 200811:19 AM

Okay. The only brand I had tried prior to last nights purchase of Trader Joe's Soup & Oyster Crackers was the Nabisco brand of Premium. And I had only tried them once, the Premium brand that is. I didn't particularly like them. They didn't seem very tasty or crunchy on their own let alone hold up in my soups or chowders.

The Trader Joe's are far and above superior. From the back of the box, and I totally agree...

'If you're familiar with the hunt for a good oyster cracker, you know that some can be flat-ish with a dense, bland, and not flakey consistency."'

'Trader Joe's Oyster Crackeres are specially made so they have a very firm and flakey consistency. They're domed shaped, and they yeild a very satisfying crunch.'

That first sentence totatlly describes the Premium brand to a tee. Somebody said in another Oyster Cracker topic that Premiums were decent (?). IMHO, not even. Especially when compared to the likes of the TJ's 'brand'.

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