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Oyamel review

smokey | Jan 5, 2006 12:45 PM

Went to Oyamel for the first time on the 30th. My bottom line--it was good, but not great, and, to my mind, probably not worth the price. For more details, read on...

I enjoyed the mushroom tacos and loved the mole with french fries (ok, that's not what it's advertised as, but it's basically what it was). The mole was amazing. In the interest of full disclosure, my husband didn't like the mole/potato dish. He did, however, love the mole and steak (lomo). He also loved the tacos with chicken and chorizo (I didn't try them, can't comment). I thought the plantains were good (not as greasy as Cuban Corner, although i LOVE Cuban Corner's plantains), but the sauce with them was bland. I had a salmon with pepino sauce (pumpkin seed sauce, pepino is a cuke, isn't it? I don't think I have name right there) that was on the specials menu. The salmon was nicely prepared, but I didn't think much of the sauce. My tongue's response was *shrug*. While I think a couple of other dishes came to the table, I don't remember trying them.

I only drank the hot chocolate as my dessert (and it easily counts as one)--I really liked it. Others seemed to enjoy their desserts (molten chocolate cake type thing--I'm totally bored by this dessert, so didn't even try it, my husband loved it and I don't remember what another companion had). Oh, another guest had ice cream, including a lime/yogurt ice cream that was *amazing*. Although stuffed to the gills with food, I considered ordering the lime/yogurt ice cream after trying hers.

Margaritas were *incredibly* watered down and expensive.

Total (with tax, not tip) for four who drank 2 margaritas and one beer, a few sodas, probably 3.25 plates/person: $190.

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