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Owner of Eddie Rickenbacker Dies


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Owner of Eddie Rickenbacker Dies

mariacarmen | Mar 1, 2011 09:26 PM

(don't know if this should go on the SF thread)

I remember a few years back Old Norm got a French chef who made delicious meals for really reasonable prices. Like, a fantastic rib-eye steak with all the trimmings for $14. The burger is good too, as is the crab melt. But food wasn't the only reason to go there - I also remember many, many a tipsy office lunch there, sitting at the tables outside, while the young servers charmed all the males in my office into ordering yet another bottle of wine. I remember the fat marmalade cat Norm rescued from the Katrina floods. I also remember having rather disturbing conversations with cantankerous old Norm.I remember for many years him smoking at the bar, and allowing us to do the same as long as he was doing it. I remember his inevitable slide into serious illness, all his pills, the oxygen tank with its cords and tubes strung across the floor, and, for the past year or two his couch - proof that he was actually living in the bar, amidst the collections of Tiffany lamps, beautiful vintage motorcycles, and miniature train sets.

I remember further unsavory tales about Norm the employer.... I'll let others comment so that I'm not the one tapped on by the mods!

I do hope his surviving family keeps the place going. Hopefully with better practices but the same good food and atmosphere.

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