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overlooked old gold

howler | Apr 15, 2004 11:34 AM

here's the situation: i've lived in london for four years, transplanted from nyc. i thought the ready availability of indian food in london would ease the pain of parting from gotham, but that turmed out to be a cruel illusion - all those indian restaurants were stupendously mediocre, and well cooked, decent north indian food simply didn't exist.

then late last year i found gaylords in london, sister to gaylords in bombay. gaylords in bombay has been there for over forty years - i even remember when it morphed from serving 'brasserie' type food to punjabi - and it has been a fairly standard place to go get standard, decent north indian fare like butter chicken, for example. that gaylords had existed here in london for about thirty years shocked me - you mean i had suffered three years needlessly? and i couldnt believe that no poster on these boards had even heard about the place - had it simply fallen off the map? was it so very familiar that no one noticed it anymore? theres plenty of bad north indian food here - and well advertised it is too, but NO One talks about gaylord. its weird.

anybody care to formulate why this is so? this makes me VERY anxious to religiously go try all the tired old standards - who knows what i may be missing.

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