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Overheard... and outraged!

lhb78 | Mar 31, 200811:25 AM

I was having a dinner at a seafood place in Hilton Head when I hear the couple behind me telling the table next to them that they are from Boston. The Wisconsineers at that table say, "You must get a lot of fresh seafood in Boston" and the man from Boston says, "Not really, it is mostly flown in from somewhere else and frozen." So one of the Wisconsineers says, "What about Lobster?" and Boston guy says "True, but I'm more of a crab leg guy myself so I always eat them when I come down south."

I lived in Boston for 10 years and couldn't believe what I'd heard... not only was I outraged that someone would say that there's not fresh seafood in Boston but to then to say that he eats crab legs when he's down south made me want to interrupt the conversation- doesn't he know that crab legs are always frozen since they are caught, and must travel, from Alaska?

So, can you name other types of seafood that can be found "fresh" from the waters in New England? Or am I an idiot that doesn't know fresh from "previously frozen"?

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