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Overcharged on a cash transaction?


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Overcharged on a cash transaction?

DCLindsey | Jul 15, 2011 07:51 AM

Last night, my boyfriend and I grabbed a drink at the bar. A $7 beer and an $8 glass of wine. DC tax is 10%. The bartender rang up the sale, told him $8 for the beer, then when reminded about the wine, rang it up again and said $17. Boyfriend had a twenty out, ready to pay, that the bartender could see.

Trouble is, the bill was $7.70 and $16.50, and my boyfriend could see the register for each transaction. He didn't say anything but as the more confrontational one, I asked to see the manager when I left.

I told her that rounding up by 50 cents didn't seem right - it left a bad taste in my mouth and seemed like bad policy. She said "oh we tell them to round up if its 20 cents or so". She also offered my the 50 cents back. I declined and said I still disagree with the policy.

What do you all think? Do you think this was just because of the cash the bartender could see? What would you have done? I am thinking of emailing the owner/manager as this is a locally owned place.

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