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Outback Steakhouse **** out of ***** [DFW]


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Outback Steakhouse **** out of ***** [DFW]

lillymao | Sep 2, 2008 09:57 AM

If you want to eat out for steak every day but don't want to break your back working O.T. to pay for it, then Outback Steakhouse $9.99 steak meal deal is where it's at....

The bread was freshly baked and hot. The butter was really creamy. The vegetables was good. The sweet potatoes were whole, not the mashed junk mixed with flour lesser places serve. The steak was a 6 oz sirloin. It was a bit tough, which is expected with sirloin. However, I ordered it rare, so it was O.K.

They had cozy booths in a traditional dining room decorated with "Australian" stuff.

The door girl actually opened the door for me, which is rare in anything other than a 5 star restaurant. They didn't have a team of waiter/assistant waiter/busboy waiting on me like at Fearing's but the one waiter never let me wait for anything. He was FAST and attentive, always checking on me (I gave him an extra big tip). He was just as good as a team of waiters.

You might be surprised at the 4 star recommendation, especially when Mercury Grill and Fearing's got 5 stars. What's up with that! I don't rate based on quality alone. I rate based on VALUE. For example, if I were to get a Papa John's Pizza for $1 with great service in a great atmosphere, I would give it 4 stars. However, if I were to get the same pizza for $50, I would probably deduct a star or two. In today's economy where oil/gas prices are pinching everyone's wallet, you might be surprised to find that VALUE is most important. If I pay $50 for my meal, I better get $50 worth of food and not a dollar less. It is just plain stupid to pay $10 for a McDonald's hamburger in a fancy joint. That fancy joint better serve me a hamburger that is 10 times better than a McDonald's dollar menu burger. If not, then they would get deducted a star or two. If I got more than what I paid for, I'll add a star or two to the rating. That said, Outback Steakhouse is an excellent value and I'll return nearly daily for meals there until the promotion runs out. I never cook and usually eat out at the same restaurant daily after I've sniffed out another great promotional deal. I usually only eat at expensive classy places once a week as a treat. My weekly rotation is now Lawry's, Mercury Grill, and Fearing's. My daily rotation is Outback Steakhouse and First Chinese Barbecue. If you guys like my reviews, then I invite you to thank me by returning the favor by writing detailed reviews of your favorite VALUE restaurants. I give Outback Steakhouse of Addison 4 out of 5 stars.

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