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Orlando - 4 Riversmokehouse BBQ & Audubon Park Farmers' Market


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Orlando - 4 Riversmokehouse BBQ & Audubon Park Farmers' Market

JimGrinsfelder | Jun 13, 2011 07:22 PM

Stopped at the Audubon Park Farmers' Market tonight. It's very small. One farmer, one fishmonger, a guy selling hotdogs and tap beer (star dust?), a food truck with an extremely eclectic menu, a flavored flan vendor, a soap vendor and some craft vendors. Nice neighborhoody communal feeling.

Then we went to 4 R BBQ in Winter Park (or was it Garden? Winter this, winter that...i'm confused). On Fairbanks Ave. Outside seating only. The brisket looked great. We ordered BBQ pork ribs (very good), mixed burnt ends (mediocre at best, I wish I'd gotten the brisket or the smoked prime rib). The side of fried okra was good, the collards were good, the cole slaw was good. The biscuits were like lead bombs. Too heavy for my taste. The best thing about this place was the communal seating outside. We shared a picnic table with two other parties and got to talking. Decent BBQ makes people sociable. If my dietician ok's it, I'll go back again and try the brisket later this week.

They were making hand-crank ice cream out back and handing it out to anyone who wanted some. My younger kid thinks free ice cream is possibly the best thing on the planet.

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