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Take out order wrong - to call or not? [moved from Manhattan board]

maxandcoco | May 15, 200806:50 PM

Hi All,

This might not be a regular question but I hope you all are interested.

As we all know, one of the great things about living in NYC is take out & delivery. I've had an unusually bad week with two delivery orders wrong and one take out wrong. What to do?
My thought is that if it's a big order, or completely wrong, I should call and complain but otherwise just suck it up and ignore it. If it's a restaurant that I regularly use I will call or let them know next time I'm there.

I've come to use this forum as my 'go to' for a great diverse foodie board so I hope you can provide some insight on this topic. Might seem like a minor topic but right now I'm really annoyed.... just got home and opened up something I did not order! Thanks!

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