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When Your Order Is Not What You Ordered


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When Your Order Is Not What You Ordered

Kat | Nov 7, 2013 08:28 AM

This requires me to make an embarrassing admission, my guilty secret is that I occasionally crave the fish sandwich at McDonald's. OK, that secret out of the way, I ordered one for lunch yesterday while driving around all day for work. When I opened it up, I did not see the familiar flaky breaded fish fillet, but two gray beef patties covered by a large dripping glop of tarter sauce. It just looked so abnormal and gross, it made me gag and then burst out laughing. I returned it and the staff were equally grossed out at the sight of the sandwich and started jokingly blaming each other as to who had made it. I received my actual fish sandwich and left, but it started me thinking, has anyone else been unpleasantly surprised by an order?

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