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Oranges: California vs. Florida

greygarious | Nov 14, 200909:17 AM

A fond farewell to the apple harvest -we're in citrus season in North America now. My mother always preferred Florida navels to California navels, and I agree. The FL ones are less available and seem to come at the start of the season. I find that while the segments are a paler color, they are usually sweeter and juicier than their west coast cousins, and have thinner skin. Do you have a preference? I also like Temple oranges but rarely see them.

There are now many more varieties of tangerine than when I was young, and I like them all.
Red grapefruits seem more popular now than yellow ones, and have more potassium.

Mom's tried and true tips for choosing thin-skinned, juicy citrus are to pick ones that are heavy for their size (that's obvious) and to look for skins that are shiny and smooth, with the least amount of "pores", for lack of a better term, on the surface.

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