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Open bar & tipping...

niccole | Apr 27, 201210:23 AM

hi all

i work at a catering/banquet hall where we have all sorts of parties ( wedding, bday, retirement, corporate functions, etc...)

when the bar is open, there is 3 choices:

1. cash bar
2. open bar & the bartender doesnt ring up anything in the register
3. open bar & the bartender does ring up every item, but doesnt charge guests but the host gets a extra bill at the end for those drinks rung up.

and let me say when its open bar, sometimes the host requests NO tip jar.

now, im always curious ( and sometimes totally pissed! ) about how the tipping goes.

when there is a cash bar, there is always a tip jar and i always get tipped ( some better than others of course...actually, last night a lady gave me .50 cents on a $7 mixed cocktail. )

when its open bar it goes both ways...and sometimes to the extreme. some people would think with a open bar people are super generous and throw money at you. that happens sometimes...and im very grateful. sometimes there is a open bar and not ONE person all night gives you a dime. its weird.

last week we did a huge funeral-after-party where there were 150 people. it was an open bar and the host said no tip jar because she was going to "tip us out" so last night when i was at work i asked the manager if the people had paid the bill yet and how much did she leave us. my manager told me they did pay the bill, but when the topic of our tip came up, the owner told her not to worry about it.

*^$#@^&( !!!!

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