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Online Grocery Shopping with a Nonagenarian


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Online Grocery Shopping with a Nonagenarian

HeidiCooksSupper | Jan 17, 2017 01:53 PM

Although we are separated by over 900 miles, my 93-year-old mother and I do her regular grocery shopping together. I thought I'd share how we do it.

Between limited eyesight and arthritis, Mom finally gave up trips to the grocery store. For many years her choice of purchases was restricted by what she could see and reach. Now she has easy access to everything the supermarket carries and the nutritional information she needs to make her choices.

First, we found out which local supermarkets had good online shopping and delivery options. The going rate in her area was $10 per delivery but requirements differed. Some required a minimum purchase, others didn't.

Then we found screen-sharing software so I can operate her computer from mine, a two-day's drive away. We use Teamviewer, which has a free option for personal use. She logs on and reads me a pass code over the phone. I input the code and, boom, I'm looking at her screen on my computer. I can operate her computer or mine from my keyboard.

When she's ready to do grocery shopping, we get on the phone and we both get on her computer and make up an order. Her eyesight's a bit beyond dealing with the grocery store's search engine so I do all the "button pushing." She says, "I want something other than raspberry jam" and then we browse the online selection together.

When mom wonders whether a grocery item will fit her dietary restrictions, I open a new tab and hunt around for nutrition info she needs and display it to her or read it to her if it's too small to see.

We did all her Christmas shopping this way, too, even so far as ordering wrapping supplies. If a store's web site isn't cooperating and we want to do a phone order, we'll both be looking at the item online on her computer. I have her in one ear on the land line and the vendor in the other ear on the cell phone. It works.

Mom is a member of my Amazon Prime family and I order a lot of her "unique supplies" from here. She needs filters for her water pitcher? She tells me, I order using her payment info.

This relieves my sister, who lives close by, of a lot of mom-related errands.

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