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Omakase at Z-Sushi (in Alhambra)

microtim | Jul 10, 200605:41 AM     9

Sorry this is a bit long-winded but if you're looking for details before you try it out. btw, I noticed that other Omakase postings for Z-Sushi have a completely different menu!

Had my 2nd omakase this weekend (Sat dinner). Me and my girl headed over to Z-Sushi in Temple City for an "Omakase-Z" dinner. You can say it was a 13-course meal but it really was a bunch of sushi's served individually. Here's what the chef served.

1. halibut sashimi w/ ponzu sauce, tofu, cooked seaweed. most dishes were served w/ seaweed. the halibut was so thin and delicate. great starter.

2. sushi assortment. yellowtail, tuna, red snapper [from Japan!], squid, uni, all raw. this plate was a huge disappointment. it was poor quality sushi in large quantities.

3. seared sweet shrimp and seared scallops [from Japan!]. the shrimp was delicious but the scallops were disappointing. i've had better scallops. we started to feel our stomachs bulge at this point and the large quantity of raw foods were getting to me.

4. bright red tuna served with a sushi roll filled w/ rice and salmon roe. and yet another serving of raw food. at this point, i had to wonder "is the chef crazy or is he on to something?" this roll looked gorgeous like some bright red gem crammed into a sushi. it could have used more flavor but the texture was very creamy.

5. red snapper sushi. i don't even remember eating this but my girl insists that we did.

6. fried shrimp head. the head of the sweet shrimp that we had earlier arrived a bit later.

7. unagi sushi. it was a small portion and looked very plain. but w/ our expectations low, we were surprised to find that the unagi was very crunchy and tasty.

8. mackerel sushi served w/ a heap of minced ginger. i believe the cut of meat was from the tail of the fish. for some reason, this part of the fish was bloody looking and looked a bit unappetizing. it turned out to be so delicate and flavorful.

9. lightly seared toro sushi. there were two sushi pieces. one was a toro sushi served with a thin slice of jalapeno and the other was what seemed to be mashed toro bits mixed with scallions and random stuff and then layed over sushi rice. i've never had toro so i was very excited. keep in mind that both of us felt completely stuffed at this point. and yet both of the rolls were so good. please don't let me describe what makes toro so good because i wouldn't do it justice.

I wonder if the chef deliberately fed us so much food in the beginning to help us appreciate the toro not as a sushi to scarf down but a delicacy to appreciate bite for bite. While I was chewing on the toro, Theresa suggested that I stop chewing and feel the fish melt in my mouth. It was that delicate.

10. clams and mushroom. this was our first hot dish. i was relieved because this meant the dinner was coming to a close. my stomach was ready to burst but i tried a few bites out of curiousity. the plate didn't impress me but still i felt so relieved.

11. fried mackerel head and tail. we tore apart the head and scarfed down the head guts (appetizing yea?).

the next dish took a bit longer than the others. at this point, i signaled the chef that we couldn't eat anymore. but he wanted to serve us a soup that he was working on. the soup probably took a bit longer because, well, it's a soup.

12. soup and cooked mackerel. so the rest of the mackerel was served. we ate an entire fucking mackerel, served 3 ways. tasting the versatility of this fish was an incredible experience. and even better, this dish marked the end of a long journey.

13. tempura green tea ice cream. delicious!

I was a bit disappointed that the chef at Z-Sushi completely overestimated our appetite but in retrospect, I can appreciate his delivery of the sushi. He started with a big tease followed with a plate of standard sushi. Then each sushi after that increased in quality by one notch until we climaxed at the toro. Then we reminisced on the experience in the warmth of a soup and the finishing touch of dessert. Yes, it was very much like sex.

Dinner came to be $110.


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