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Omakase: subtle meaning other than "trust me"?


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Omakase: subtle meaning other than "trust me"?

danna | Dec 12, 2005 02:56 PM

Among my many food disappointments this weekend, I had dinner at a sushi restaurant. When I last ate there, husband and I ordered omakase, and it was fantastic. We had a great experience, fantastic food, great service, wonderful evening.

Saturday night, sitting at the bar, we asked the chef (same chef, the owner) for omakase, and he said he was sorry but he was too busy, and if he tried to do omakase it would be messy. Choose something, he says.

I thought omakase just meant let him give me what he wants to. Seems that would actually be easier than making something specific.

Does omakase imply something very special? Last time he made a spectacular presentation of a Mackerel, but I don't require that. I just want the best stuff he has that day, not americanized sushi, and a variety. I'll eat anything. The menu at this place is singularly undescriptive. Any suggestions?

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